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More than once have savvier affiliate managers (and OPMs specifically) have given me that “what’s-there-that-I-don’t-already-know” look when I would invite them to Affiliate Management Days. Hence, the need for this blog post.

It is a common misconception that AM Days is suitable only for beginner level affiliate managers or ecommerce companies that are new affiliate marketing. The actual reality, however, is that the show was put together to satisfy the demand for a high-level professional forum and conference on all things affiliate management.

It is, therefore, created for everyone and anyone involved in affiliate management, but especially so for those who do have experience in it. Many of the subjects that will tackle during our upcoming San Francisco show, for example, will be quite advanced. We will dive into affiliate marketing analytics questions, attribution and tag management, development of APIs for affiliates to use, blackhat affiliate techniques, mitigation of exposure to liability from the FTC and private litigants, and many other areas of intermediate or even advanced level. The agenda speaks louder than any words.

For beginner level knowledge, starting from Spring 2014, I will be running the half-day pre-conference workshop. It is during the workshop that we will cover the basics and then dive into the five key areas of affiliate program management (affiliate recruitment, activation, compliance policing, communication, and program optimization) as well as the tools we can use to streamline the key processes, and the techniques to employ. So, if you are a beginning affiliate manager or a merchant/advertiser contemplating utilizing affiliate marketing to promote your businesses, products or services (through affiliates), let the workshop set the stage for the higher level material which we will cover during the two-day conference.

We are still in the extended Early Bird registration period (through Friday, January 31). Register soon to save money on your pass!

I am looking forward to seeing you there!!