Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy New Year! We hope to help you make the most of 2023 by equipping you with actionable knowledge through the four workshops that we’ll run in one week. They are set to take place at AM Days within Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 23, 2023. Full details are below.

The series of these 2-hour workshops will start with one by yours truly. I will teach my already-traditional Advertiser’s Crash Course in Affiliate Marketing. By the end of the workshop, having studied the basics of affiliate onboarding, activation, compliance policing, communication, and program optimization, each attendee will walk away with all the tools and knowledge necessary to make their affiliate program a success. No prior knowledge or experience is required and the workshop is created for advertisers/merchants, affiliate managers, and independent consultants.

After the above-mentioned introductory crash course, Wade Tonkin of Fanatics will take the stage and teach about Recruiting Affiliates That Drive Incremental Revenue. Geared towards advertisers/merchants and affiliate managers with intermediate to advanced levels of preparedness, this workshop will equip its attendees with actionable tactics, strategies, and tools to grow an affiliate program in a sustainable and profitable way.

Workshop number three will be taught by Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences, and he will teach about Conversion Optimization for Affiliate Landing Pages. This workshop’s target audience includes virtually all parties involved in affiliate marketing relationships: not only advertisers/merchants and affiliate managers, but also affiliates/publishers and even designers. During Brian’s workshop, you will learn: (i) Why your landing page is doomed. (ii) Why landing pages will make or break your affiliate campaigns. (iii) How to create a high-converting landing page with data. (iv) Tools available to help you experiment.

Last but not least, the closing workshop of the day will be run by the legendary Declan Dunn of Dunn Simply whose workshop is entitled Engaging and Activating Top Partners Quickly. Declan actually keynoted AM Days 2015 in San Francisco, back when we ran it as a full-blown Affiliate Management Days conference. Leading up to that show, I interviewed him, and to get to know him better, I encourage you to read that interview. His workshop will equip you with actionable knowledge on (i) How to focus your partners with simple intros activating interest in 3 seconds. (ii) How to optimize the 3 keys to attention so they can’t afford to ignore you. (iii) How to close more partners who are powerfully motivated to say “yes”.

There still are seats left in each of the above four in-depth affiliate marketing workshops. Grab yours here before we sell out! To attend AM Days you’ll need a ticket/pass separate of any of the Affiliate Summit’s passes.