If you aren’t yet aboard our affiliate program, you are missing out on a real opportunity to make good money by referring conference registrations to us.

Here is the latest statistics of how the program currently performs (for those who work with us through it):

AM Days Affiliate Program

With the average sale being around $700-$750, at 15% commission it is more than realistic to be making over $100.00 on every registration sent our way. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a speaker, an attendee, or just an online marketer with access to relevant audiences (C-level execs, digital marketing managers, and those who are in charge of arranging their travels and conference attendance).

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I have also just renewed all of our conference-specific banners updating them with 18 brand-new creatives for our upcoming show which will take place in San Francisco on May 15-17, 2017. Here is a small sampling of the 2017 banners currently at your disposal (if we’re missing a size you’d like to see, just mention the size(s) you’d like us to create under this post, and we’ll get them created and uploaded):






Being a show dedicated to making the most of affiliate programs, we are strong believers in the power of affiliate marketing. We hope you’re tapping into it too; and not only as advertisers or affiliate program managers, but also as affiliates — AM Days’ affiliates!