AM Days Super Early Bird Rates

It’s your last chance to walk in (or jump/plunge into) an Affiliate Management Days wonderland with super early bird registration rates.

AM Days 2016 super early bird rates are definitely worth leaping towards. The conference is piled high with great opportunities:

  • The keynotes are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn from 20 speakers across 23 sessions and 1 half-day workshop – view the agenda.
  • Network with a flurry of marketing managers and everyone responsible for their company’s affiliate marketing strategy, management and operations. Ask questions on the topics that have kept you snowbound.
  • Don’t snowflake on the learning possibilities to further your career. One past attendee stated “Affiliate Management Days, is one of the most important and under-rated shows in the affiliate marketing industry. Every affiliate manager on the planet should be flocking to this show to learn, grow and network with the best of the best.

Remember to register by Friday, December 18th for Affiliate Management Days 2016 in San Francisco (April 3-5) while rates are frozen at up to $700 off of onsite prices.

Register Now while Super Early Bird rates are frozen.