Jared Saunders – How To Monitor and Interpret Trends & Metrics

Jared, the affiliate program manager at Jenson USA discussed the importance of measurement and analytics, even in the cycling world.

Perfect, Recruit, Revive, Serve, Police: The 5 Pillars of Program Management

Jared tapped into the growth goals and break even points, and how small, medium and large businesses differ in their ability to understand them, and work within them, in the context of increasing sales. Sometimes at the cost of increasing sales.

The real importance in program monitoring is VISION. Without focusing on a long term goal, and over focusing on what’s immediately on the path in front of you, you will miss the end goal. You’ll never set your eyes on it.

Jared shared (available for download at www.scribd.com/turbojared ) some Excel spreadsheets he uses to monitor his program. He indicates that only through study and focusing on a long term strategy can we avoid doing “knee jerk marketing”, or panicking into bad business and marketing decisions.

If you don’t have baseline metrics, you’ll be unable to notice increases or decreases in click volumes, and exposure. Look at trends, and look specifically at spikes or lulls that work against your trend to determine opportunities.

Look for conversion rate spikes in your affiliate program. It could be an indicator that an affiliate is either reaching a key audience very well, OR it’s possible he/she is violating your trademark terms, etc.

Jared showed how reading the peaks and valleys in your trending can help you build a promotional calendar that protects your marketing dollars, and engages you deeper with affiliates by always keeping relevant links and promo materials in front of them.