Having had more than 50 people toil on this for more than 3 months, we are excited to announce the product that’s been put together by all these professional translators, videographers, affiliate marketing experts from across the globe, and of course me personally — the first-ever multilingual affiliate marketing video tutorial for beginners. This “Affiliate Marketing 101” video course is available in 21 different languages, making affiliate marketing knowledge attainable to more than 4 billion people worldwide!

The original course was scripted and recorded in English, but then we spent 500+ hours translating and subtitling the course in(to) Simplified Chinese (close to 1 billion speakers), Spanish (some 0.5 billion), Hindi (341 million speakers), Arabic (some 300 million speakers) and 16 other languages.


Besides creating this video tutorial’s program and content and recording it all, I personally steered the whole process (putting in well over 150 hours into this). Some of my friends know this (though not many in the affiliate marketing business do), but I am a linguist and a translator by trade. So I was honored to, finally, apply my knowledge to something this profound.

Apart from the numbers of native-speakers of any given language, and the state of e-commerce in the respective countries, I also took into account the penetration of English. For example, regardless of high levels of e-commerce maturity in The Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, you won’t find Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian translations of the course. The reason is simple: between 80% and 90% of population in these countries are perfectly comfortable with English.

Below you may view all 21 versions of this affiliate marketing video tutorial (and please don’t be shy to spread the word about this project of ours!):