One question that I am frequently asked is:

How can I protect my affiliate marketing business from being sued?

Answering that question requires understanding the different types of risks for affiliate businesses, from advertising, to fraud, to CAN SPAM, to sales tax, and more.

Many people recognize the words but don’t always know what laws apply and what, exactly, is required. My 2020 AM Days seminar Strategic Approaches to Affiliate Marketing Risk: A Legal Perspective is intended to explain how, when, and why different laws can be used to defend against unnecessary litigation and protect the business.

The seminar will cover key topics such as:

  1. Advertising & Marketing Law with a focus on Consumer Protection
  2. IP Law, including Copyright & Trademark licensing
  3. Emerging Areas in Privacy and Cybersecurity
  4. Compliance Strategies

Strategic Approaches to Affiliate Marketing Risk: A Legal Perspective

After attending Geno Prussakov’s workshop “Advertiser’s Crash Course in Affiliate Marketing” the legal seminar is sure to provide added value.

This event is capped at 75 attendees, so please register now.

I am holding free consultations with AM Days and Affiliate Summit attendees to discuss how I can use my experience in ecommerce/online advertising and marketing law to address current and emerging legal compliance issues facing brands, affiliate marketers, and platform operators. Slots are limited. To schedule a meeting, contact me directly.