AM Days conferenceAt the end of January 2020, we will hold our 12th AM Days event which — for the second time in a row — will be held as a series of affiliate marketing workshops within Affiliate Summit. This time, we’ll hold them in Las Vegas, NV, at the largest Affiliate Summit of the year.

Up until now, I have written many posts targeting the prospective attendees of our 2020 workshops in Las Vegas, highlighting individual workshops and instructors, the benefits of attending AM Days, and so on… This post, however, is going to be different.

I am excited to announce that we’re once again opening AM Days to sponsorships… The only event that didn’t have any sponsorship opportunities available was our New York show in the summer of 2019. But now we have formulated what we can offer, and here are your options:

General Sponsor

Limited to one sponsor of the whole AM Days event. Cost: $15,000

One-Workshop Sponsor

One sponsor per workshop (as in “brought to you by…”). Cost: $6,500

      • “Advertiser’s Crash Course in Affiliate Marketing” – available
      • “Identifying & Recruiting Targeted Content Affiliates” – taken (sponsor: LinkConnector)
      • “Strategic Approaches to Affiliate Marketing Risk” – available
Check-in Desk Sponsor

As prepaid and newly-registering attendees check-in, get your brand in front of them for  $3,000

Coffee Break Sponsor

We’re running 3 workshops, each having one coffee break. Sponsor all three at a low cost of $3,500 taken (sponsor TBA soon)

Seat Drops

This one is as straightforward as the name: put your ad on each attendee’s seat. Cost: $1,000

If you’re interested in any of the above, drop me a line and I’ll set you up. First come, first served (and we already have some options booked).

This time, we are definitely heading for a sellout, and your support is hugely appreciated.