Ladies and Gentlemen,

Following the resounding success of our New York workshops in 2019, we’re gonna be back in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit West 2020.

We are also excited to bring back one of our NYC instructors, David Adler. In Las Vegas, he is going to teach a workshop entitled Strategic Approaches to Affiliate Marketing Risk: A Legal Perspective.

Whether you are an affiliate, a merchant, or a network, by attending this workshop you’ll get a chance to learn “real actionable strategies on how to reduce legal risks and keep the business operating.”

At the end of this 2.5-hour workshop, every attendee to come away with 3 lessons:

  1. Basic understanding of the legal risks in the affiliate marketing industry
  2. Answers to frequently asked questions
  3. Ways to contract around the risks, depending on the context

Spaces are limited — so don’t procrastinate, but sign up¬†before we sell out!