Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, I’d like to introduce one stellar AM Days instructor to you. His name is Wade Tonkin and he heads up affiliate marketing programs at

During our Las Vegas workshop series in 2020, he is going to lead a workshop entitled Identifying and Recruiting Targeted Content Partners.

All affiliate managers are under pressure to reduce dependency on traditional “affiliates” like coupon and cashback sites and drive more incremental sales. There is more to having a successful content affiliate strategy than just being reliant on what your affiliate network brings you. To truly scale you need to be able to identify content partners that have access to, and more importantly trusted relationships with your shoppers and build a process that lets you reach out to them at scale.

In this interactive workshop, Wade Tonkin will share tools and tricks to help you identify the right partners for your brand, and effective outreach strategies to engage and recruit content partners who can drive significant incremental sales.

Every attendee of this workshop will walk away equipped with knowledge based on practical hands-on experience with a variety of industry leading tools and techniques for identifying targeted partners for your brand. You will also learn the best approach for both automated and manual outreach to acquire targeted, high value partners that fit your brand. You’ll leave the session ready to undertake successful recruiting campaigns.

Spaces are limited, and this workshop is filling up especially fast! Sign up before it sells out!!