In the course of the years, I have spoken at many conferences throughout the world. But my “most-frequently-spoken-at conference” is Affiliate Summit. I’ve been speaking at it since January 2009 — sometimes once a year, but most of the times twice a year. The upcoming Affiliate Summit in New York is going going to be very special for me. First of all, it will mark my twentieth time speaking at this great event. But, secondly, this time my participation will be quite different from the previous Affiliate Summits.

At the past Affiliate Summits, I did 1-hour speeches, and TED Talk-style 20-minutes ones, participated in panels, and moderated them… However, at this upcoming conference I’m gonna do something very different. I’m gonna talk for 5 hours straight! The reason for this is that I’m running two workshops on the first day of Affiliate Summit East 2019: one on Building Marketing Partnerships that Work, and another one being an Advertiser’s Crash Course in Affiliate Marketing. Each workshop will last 2.5 hours, and when it comes to these specific topics: we’ll leave no stone unturned.

Both workshops will take place on August 11th. Yes, that’s less than 3 weeks from today!

If you have not yet registered, do not procrastinate, and grab your pass now! Spaces are limited.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you in New York!!