Affiliate marketing legal lessonsIf there’s one area of affiliate marketing that can end up costing a business its very existence, it’s the legal side of things. This applies not only to brands with affiliate programs, but also to affiliates, affiliate networks, agencies, and other participants of the industry. That is why, ever since its inception, AM Days consistently drew attention to legislative issues and challenges, and our upcoming New York event will be no exception.

One of the three workshops that we will hold in New York on August 11 will focus on the legal challenges that no one in the industry can miss, and I encourage everyone to attend it. Here are that workshop’s full details:


Legal Lessons from the Trenches: Affiliate Marketing Risks & Pitfalls


Affiliates, Merchants/Brands, Affiliate Networks


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


The term “affiliate marketing” is often misused and frequently misunderstood. At its core, affiliate marketing represents something overwhelmingly positive: paying only for marketing that delivers actual, quantifiable results that are highly relevant to the consumer.

However, digital marketers are facing an increasingly broad range of challenges from consumers, business partners, and regulators. This workshop discusses case studies relevant to state and federal regulatory risks, consumer-oriented risks, different types of contract risks (network-merchant, network-affiliate, merchant-affiliate, etc.) and industry-specific ethical issues presented by innovative uses of technology.


Attendees will come away with a strong understanding of legal risks facing affiliate marketers, the ability to red-flag important issues, and specific steps to take to strengthen contracts and improve legal compliance.


David Adler, Partner, Adler Law Group

For 17 years David M. Adler has provided innovative solutions to creative professionals and organizations, guiding clients through the dynamic and sometimes murky legal challenges presented by Trademark, Copyright, Media, Entertainment, Information Technology and Corporate Law. David has been designated by his peers for the fifth consecutive year as an Illinois SuperLawyer® in the areas of Entertainment & Media Law. David was an Adjunct Professor teaching Music Law at DePaul College of Law, formerly chaired the Chicago Bar Assoc.’s Media & Entertainment Law Committee and is currently a member of the Illinois State Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Committee.

This 2.5-hour workshop will start at 3:30 pm Eastern on August 11 in New York, NY within the framework of Affiliate Summit East 2019. Register to attend here. Space is limited!