With the 10th AM Days conference coming up in less than nine weeks, I’m getting a lot of good questions from prospective attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. Since the one that came in earlier this morning is being asked more frequently than any other question, I have decided to answer it in public – providing as much detail as possible.

The question was:

Would you be able to give indication to the types of attendees one should expect to see at the conference?

With pleasure!

For your convenience, let me also break the answer down into 5 areas: (i) types of delegates, (ii) geographies represented, (iii) company sizes, (iv) (degree of) decision-making authority, and also give you (v) a sneak peek at who you will see at our upcoming Las Vegas show on May 16-17, 2018.

I. Types of Delegates

Having analyzed the types of marketers who had attended our previous nine conferences, we have arrived at the following distribution of delegate “titles”:

  • In-house affiliate manager: 55%
  • Affiliate: 21%
  • C-Level executive: 13%
  • Affiliate network representative: 4%
  • Agency representative: 4%
  • Other: 3%

This year we are attracting more affiliates to the show. So, if you are an agency or an affiliate manager who is looking to meet affiliates, do register! If, on the other hand, you are an affiliate or a brand rep and would like a (substantially discounted) VIP pass, contact me and I will personally take care of you.

II. Geographies

Focusing only on our previous U.S. shows, the majority of which were held in San Francisco, we see every major U.S. region consistently represented, with around 7% of international attendees.

The heavier leaning towards the West Coast attendees should be corrected with our change of location this year. Unlike in the 2012-2017 period, in 2018 we are bringing AM Days to Las Vegas which is more affordable and easier to travel to (regardless of where the attendee is travelling from). We already see how this is balancing our 2018 registrations more evenly between the various regions of the country (with some international delegates too).

III. Company Sizes

Whether your interest lies in connecting with large(r) enterprises or in small and medium-sized businesses, at AM Days you should expect to find all of these. Here’s the exact distribution (based on the post-conference surveys taken over the past 6 years):

Yes, there will be some very large companies in attendance (refer to the list at the very end of this post), but around 55% of our conference’s attendees traditionally come from companies with less than 250 employees.

IV. Decision-Making Authority

This isn’t something that prospective attendees often ask about, but I personally feel that the data we see on this front represents one of AM Days’ major strengths. Having polled our attendees on the question of their decision-making authority within the companies they represent(ed), we discovered that as many as 96% of our attendees have a serious level of influence on deal making. Here’s a graph to reflect the exact breakdown:

If/when you attend AM Days, expect to make deals – at the show or shortly thereafter!

V. Attending Companies

Finally, let me give you a sneak peek at a small selection of brands that have already registered their teams to attend this year’s AM Days:

CBS Interactive
CJ Affiliate
CVS Pharmacy
Hay House, Inc
j2 Global
Jenson USA
KEEN Shoes
Symantec / Norton
The Home Depot
ULTA Beauty
Vivint Smart Home
World Wide Stereo
WP Engine

What are you waiting for? Observing how your competition is slitting the piece between themselves has never been a good strategy! Register before we sell out.

I do hope to get a chance to shake your hand at our biggest and busiest show to date! There’s still time to plan for it.

PS: This year, we’re co-locating (and sharing the exhibit floor) with Digital Growth Unleashed (formerly: Conversion Conference) and Email Innovations Summit — so that you benefit from extended networking and deal-making opportunities.