When you search for something on Google, Autocomplete dynamically displays suggestions or search predictions which are based on the popularity of long(er) tail keywords.

It is exciting to discover that “Affiliate Management Days” currently scores the second place on terms related to “affiliate management.”

Affiliate Management Terms

I started AM Days in early 2012 in response to a demand for a unique environment that would facilitate an open and laser-focused interchange on all things affiliate management.

As emphasized in a recent interview by Symantec’s A’Lisa Tomatis, affiliate marketing industry is constantly evolving and changing, and to stay ahead of the game, we ought to monitor the changes and adapt our strategies to make the most of them, ensuring continued growth of our affiliate programs. This was the central reason why I created Affiliate Management Days — to help affiliate marketing professionals be effective in dealing with (the ever-evolving) challenges, threats, and opportunities.

There is no beginner/entry-level content at this show (apart from the pre-conference “crash course” workshop that I run every year). Expect deep advanced level knowledge which you will be able to implement right away (yes, highly practical stuff!) maximizing the output of your affiliate program(s).

If you haven’t yet registered, there will be only one AM Days show in 2016, and it is coming up in just 24 days. Book your pass now and join Apple, Beachbody, Belkin, Craftsy, eBay, Hobby Lobby, Symantec, Zappos, and hundreds of smaller brands that have already registered to attend our eighth and biggest conference to date.

If you miss it, remember: your competitors won’t.