In the framework of our already-traditional per-conference speaker interview series, leading up to Affiliate Management Days SF 2014, I have interviewed a speaker who has spoken at every single U.S. AM Days so far (including his stellar How to Repel Affiliates With Horrible Landing Pages keynote speech at our inaugural show in 2012).

Not only is he a digital marketer I respect greatly; I am also honored to call him my friend. Of course, I am referring to Tim Ash of SiteTuners.

The two central topics of Tim’s responses to my questions have been conversion and mobile marketing.

For instance, when asked about an “area that every affiliate manager should be paying more attention too,” Tim said:

Conversion. Unless you actually have an absolutely unique product or service that people are willing to walk on broken glass to get to, the reality is that you are probably peddling something that has lots of competition in the minds of your audience.

Since you are reaching the ultimate buyers through an affiliate intermediary, you must influence and attract these middle-men. Since affiliates are all very practical mercenaries, you must have the best performing offers and pages.

The best way to lock in the loyalty of super affiliates is to relentlessly focus on your conversion rates and put more money in their pockets.

When, however, I asked him to “leave online advertisers, merchants and affiliate managers with one piece of advice for 2014,” without second thought Ash said:

Go do mobile versions of your top-performing offers!

You may read the full interview at or hear Tim speak at AM Days SF 2014 in just 5 weeks!