Exactly a month from now (on March 18, 2014) in San Francisco I will be running the first affiliate program management workshop to be held as a part of the Affiliate Management Days show.

This seminar will be perfect for those who are looking for introductory/beginner level knowledge on affiliate marketing and how to effectively use an affiliate program in your online marketing mix. We will start the half-day workshop from exploring the industry of affiliate marketing, going into the key elements of affiliate programs, and learning how we can set up, launch, and then build a successful affiliate program.

During the “deep dive” part of the workshop I will cover what I call “the five pillars of affiliate program management.” More about them in the video below:


You can expect to come away equipped with tools and techniques to help you not only create a solid affiliate program, but also tackle affiliate recruitment, activation of stagnant affiliates, policing everyone’s compliance with your policies, supporting the communication channel, optimizing your program, streamlining all of the key processes.

If you are a beginning affiliate manager or a merchant/advertiser contemplating utilizing affiliate marketing to promote your businesses, products or services (through affiliates), let the workshop set the stage for the higher level material which we will cover during the two-day conference to follow.

To learn more about the workshop and register, visit this link.