Have you booked your travel to our London conference yet? I have just purchased my British Airways tickets, and I’m really looking forward to our second London show.

British Airways tickets

By the way, if you are a non-EU/US citizen make sure to check it you need a visa for the U.K.

I will be flying in on 12 May to hold our first-ever Advertiser’s Crash Course in Affiliate Marketing pre-conference workshop on the 12th. During the half-day workshop we will start by briefly covering the basics, and then dive right into the five key areas of affiliate program management (affiliate recruitment, activation, compliance policing, communication, and program optimization). I will ensure that you come away fully equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to tackle each of these areas in the most effective way.

Then, 13-14 May are the conference days. The agenda is fully-formed, and it is best to register now while we are still in the Super Early Bird registration period (which ends 21 February). You will end up saving £500.00 by registering early.