With our U.S. show being just 10 days away, and the lanyards sponsorship still being available, I would like to do something unprecedented… Our lanyards sponsorship costs $3,000.00. As the Sponsorship Opportunities guide says, it is a great way to “greet attendees as they arrive at registration by giving them a lanyard which will be pre-attached to all delegate badges, ensuring maximum exposure during the event.”

Today I would like to discount this sponsorship “half price”, bringing the cost down to only $1,500. If you are interested email Paul Gillis soon.

By the way the sponsorship guide doesn’t mention another extremely important component. With all the photographs that we take [see them here], the lanyards sponsor gets an amazing visibility (way beyond the time of the show itself, I must add) with this! Here are just a few examples (with Payoneer badges) from our previous shows:

Peter Hamilton speaking at Affiliate Management Days

Todd Crawford at Affiliate Management Days

Carolyn Tang Kmet speaking at Affiliate Management Days

Stephanie Lichtenstein and Dina Riccobono at Affiliate Management Days

Once again, if interested in this great deal, contact Paul Gillis at 1-508-644-0641 or via email a.s.a.p. (as you will also want to supply the lanyards themselves).