This is a live blog post from Affiliate Management Days Conference presented by Amber Melhouse of Linkshare.

In 2012 Linkshare invested $100MM in Pinterest to help them grow internationally. In 2013 Linkshare launches “Know your Customer”: Mobile device specific tracking.

This is now – Use affiliate marketing to align your brand. Forester Research anticipates substantial growth and spend in the performance marketing space.

Good things can come from great partnerships. Know their demographic, Engage shoppers front he first click. Are immediately relevant tho your potential customers. Take care of their customers.

Where are your customers today? Average spends 3.2 Hours per day on social networks. is an example of sites that leverage Facebook pages to provide new experiences and services. is another example of social platforms that achieve particular shopping experiences and results for consumers and social users.

Good partners can give you:

  • Additional agreement with campaign specifics
  • A Branded demo campaign
  • Case study around similar campaign

150- number of times per day users check their smartphone. Consumers are adopting a solid model of mobile gifting. Boomerang ( is an example of one that handles brands beautifully, shares options used by recipients. Рthis is an app that allows you to download ideas they would like to see in your home. is an example of a community watching platform that allows you to watch and shop scene by scene on tv, and shop for any item in any episode. Anything you want to guy from the clothes, to the cars, to the colours on the walls, to the restaurants the people in the show were eating in, you can do that through this app.

In the future we are going to see:

  • Multi-brand cart
  • Shopping tourists – people who live overseas and shop online in the US (specifically in the Chinese and Russian markets) because they can pay less in the US.
  • Hashtag Shopping – Chirpify – Sync your pay pal account with your twitter account. #Buy. They are moving the spontaneous shoppers to move even faster through social channels.
  • Transactional Targeting
  • 2nd Screen – shopping on a tablet even through they are sitting next to their computer or TV.

Where is your brand today?

Today – 130MM+ US Smartphone Users. We consider holiday shopping starting Oct 1st. If you don’t have mobile shopping in place yet, please make it a priority or you will miss the boat, again.

Take with you:

  • Try everything yourself
  • Ask partners for features.
  • If you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always have what you’ve got.