If we had door prizes, David Burke would easily qualify for a “traveled furthest distance” one. He came to Affiliate Management Days San Francisco (earlier this month) all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Per distance.to’s calculations the two cities are nearly 8,000 miles apart!

When David just registered for AM Days SF 2012, I was excited to see his registration come through, and hoped his trip would really be worth it. Yet, I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit nervous — especially because he was traveling from that far away to our first show ever.

This morning David emailed me, thanking me for the conference, and writing up the following testimonial for us:

AM Days is a fantastic conference for performance marketing professionals.

The speakers offered detailed insights into optimising current performance programs, but also gave impassioned talks and examples on how to grow the industry.

Within 2 weeks the connections and learnings have already “converted” into new business. I look forward to attending again.

— David Burke, Head of Partnerships, iNC Network

I am glad you’ve enjoyed it, David. Looking forward to seeing you again at our future shows!