Over the past 35 days a number of good articles have been published by (or about) various Affiliate Management Days SF 2012 speakers? Today I’d like to bring you a compilation of the 10 every affiliate manager must read (they’re arranged in an alphabetical order tied to the last name of the speaker):

1. Keys to Running a Healthy, Profitable Affiliate Program by Kush Abdulloev

2. Interview with Affiliate Management Days Keynote Speaker Tim Ash

3. The Importance of Effective Affiliate Recruitment by Sarah V. Bundy

4. 6 Tips for Improving Twitter Link Click Through Rate by Linda Bustos

5. The 17 Rs of Mobile Marketing by Linda Bustos

6. Q&A on Adware & Affiliate Commission Fraud with Ben Edelman

7. Major Online Forums Hacked by Affiliate Cookie-Stuffers (interview with Ben Edelman)

8. Affiliate Landing Page Optimization Requires A/B Split Testing by Chris Goward

9. F-Commerce and Facebook Affiliate Marketing by Geno Prussakov

10. Why Web Analytics Matters in Affiliate Marketing by Kevin Webster

Again, all of the above — and twenty-one more — will be speaking at AM Days San Francisco 2012 which is only two days away! Hope to see you there.