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Day 1, Monday, April 4, 2016
8:45-9:30am KEYNOTERoom: Salon 10-12
Insights Into Mobile Conversion for Advertisers & Affiliate Managers
Tim Ash, SiteTuners
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Room: Salon 10-12
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AM Navigator
Room: Salon 13 & 14
10:25-11:10am How to Champion (or Defend) the Affiliate Channel Through Incrementality
Todd Crawford, Impact Radius
Using Data to Improve Your Recruiting Efforts
Van Chappell, 5IQ
11:15am-12:00pm Getting Your Affiliate Program Out
of Its Comfort Zone

Robert Glazer, Acceleration Partners
No presentation available for download.
Affiliate Marketing Technologies to Boost Social Penetration of Your Brand
Tara McCommons, LinkConnector
Nick Andrews, ReviTrage
1:00-1:45pm A Practical Guide to Affiliate Recruitment
Wade Tonkin, Fanatics, Inc.
Top 10 Affiliate Pet Peeves & How to Fix Them
Jennifer Myers Ward, ebove & beyond, inc.
1:55-2:40pm PANELRoom: Salon 10-12
Big Affiliates – What Makes Them Tick?
Moderator: Wade Tonkin, Fanatics, Inc.
Panelists: Tony Pantano, Imwave, Inc.
Jeremy Palmer, Palmer Digital Assets
Kim Rowley, Billaway
Robert Staub, Ebates
*Presentation not available for download
3:30-4:15pm A Merchant’s Guide to Cross-Device Affiliate Tracking
Jeannine Crooks, Affiliate Window
Understanding the Revenue Potential of your Affiliate Program
Rick Gardiner, iAffiliate Management
4:20-5:05pm Attribution and Commission Splitting:
Where It’s At And Where It’s Going

Chad Waite,
Detecting & Preventing Affiliate Theft
Adam Riemer, Adam Riemer Marketing
5:15-6:00pm KEYNOTERoom: Salon 10-12
Being the Signal Amidst the Noise
Rand Fishkin, Moz