Text Analytics World FAQ

What is Text Analytics World?

Text Analytics World is the business-focused event for text analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners. This conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources to strengthen the impact of text analytics deployment. For more on this conference’s scope, see About Text Analytics World.

Who is Text Analytics World for?

No matter what your role in or relationship to text analytics projects, you will find value in the sessions, case studies and networking available at Text Analytics World.

  • Managers. Project leaders, directors, CXOs, vice presidents, investors
    and decision makers of any kind involved with analytics, or with the need to leverage textual data.
  • Marketers. Marketing personnel who wish to better understand customer need, sentiment and concerns.
  • Technology experts. Analysts, data scientists, BI directors, developers, DBAs, data warehousers, web analysts, and consultants who wish to extend their expertise to predictive analytics.

What is text analytics?

Text analytics leverages and learns from massive quantities of textual data to reveal customer intentions and sentiment, driving enterprise decisions and providing strategic insights. It is a set of analytical methods designed to operate across the written word, including call center notes, blogs, tweets, web pages, newspaper articles and much more. This kind of data is strongly distinct from that stored uniformly in database tables, and demands unique technology that integrates linguistics, grammar, math and knowledge engineering.

What will I learn at Text Analytics World?

  • New apps: New ways to apply text analytics.
  • Do better: How to achieve better results with text analytics.
  • Companies: What companies are at the leading edge of text analytics and what are they doing?
  • Solutions: Which are the best text analytics solution providers, what do they do and how do they compare?
  • Colleagues: Who are my colleagues facing the same challenges as I and how can we work together?
  • Resources: What other resources are available?

Does this conference cover non-business applications of analytics and data mining, such as engineering, medical and scientific applications?

Not specifically, since this is a business conference, with the focus squarely on business applications of text analytics, such as those listed in, About Text Analytics World. Rare exceptions are included where they reveall cutting edge techniques that demand transition into the business world.

Is this a “data mining” conference?

Yes – text analytics is a type of data mining.

Is Text Analytics World run by a software vendor?

No. Text Analytics World provides a balanced view of text analytics methods and tools across software vendors and solution providers.

Is Text Analytics World a research conference?

No. Text Analytics World is focused on today’s commercial deployment of text analytics, rather than academic or R&D activities. Separately, there are a number of research-oriented conferences that use terms such as natural language processing and computational linguistics; in text analytics’ commercial application, we are essentially standing on the shoulders of those giants known as researchers.

How may I be notified of upcoming TAW events?

To receive updates regarding future Text Analytics World events, sign up for the TAW newsletter.

Are you considering new speakers for Text Analytics World?

For speaker information and proposal submissions, click here.