Affiliate Management Days is the must attend event for affiliate managers who are responsible for their company’s affiliate marketing strategy, management and operations. Whether you have an existing affiliate program or you are creating a new initiative, AM Days offers you the most valuable insight into how other online retailers are successfully implementing and managing their affiliate programs.
AMDays covers topics such as:

  • Affiliate program management
  • Affiliate recruitment
  • Affiliate marketing analytics
  • Effective affiliate motivation
  • Affiliate marketing fraud
  • Types and value of affiliates
  • Conversion optimization
  • Compliance policing & enforcement
  • Solutions to challenges and threats
  • Legislative questions/issues
  • Leveraging emerging trends
  • Mobile affiliate marketing
  • Offline performance marketing

Affiliate Management Days is a professional forum for affiliate managers and marketing executives responsible for their company’s affiliate marketing strategy, program management and related operations.

If you are an affiliate, this conference may not be right for you. We suggest you join one of the existing conferences specifically for affiliates.

Here are what your peers have to say about Affiliate Management Days:

“Affiliate Management Days, is one of the most important and under-rated shows in the affiliate marketing industry. Every affiliate manager on the planet should be flocking to his show to learn, grow and network with the best of the best. The conference organizer goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has a high value experience.”
Sarah Bundy, Founder & CEO, All Inclusive Marketing

“As a growth marketer, I appreciate the high ROI on my time spent at AM Days. I took home pages full of immediately actionable notes, and I was able to have fantastic conversations with fellow marketing managers and thought leaders of the industry. Looking forward to attending again.”
Shanik Patel, Head of Paid Acquisition, Grammarly