MAY 15-17, 2018 • LAS VEGAS, USA
<h3><strong>Workshop: Advertiser’s Crash Course in Affiliate Marketing</strong></h3>

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Time: 1:00pm- 4:30pm; break at 2:30pm

Target audience: Advertisers/merchants, CMOs, Affiliate Managers, Independent Consultants
Experience level: Beginner & Intermediate

Geno Prussakov
Conference chair
AM Days

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Nearly every retailer on the Internet Retailers’ Top 500 list has an affiliate marketing program. It isn’t unusual to see as much as 60% of an online advertiser’s sales driven in by affiliates. Whether you are looking for sales, leads, phone calls, or any other kind of performance, affiliate marketing is a powerful tool you should not overlook.

In this interactive and case study based half-day workshop, Geno Prussakov will provide a “true crash course” to Affiliate Marketing 101. Geno, who has conducted such workshops for the American Marketing Association in DC, Baltimore, and internationally, will walk you through the entire process of researching, setting up, launching, managing, and building an affiliate marketing program for your business. You’ll start your day learning how to make your affiliate program a success and walk away with all the tools and knowledge necessary.

We’ll cover:


• Definitions
• Size of the industry
• What affiliates are not
• Types of affiliates
• Universality of affiliate marketing
• Payment models
• Reversals and the notion of “qualified”   referral
• Notion of “locking period”


• Platforms (in-house, affiliate networks, etc)
• Management (in-house or outsourced; most   networks won’t manage it by default)
• Competitive intelligence (prior to setup and   determining terms; and ongoing)
• Commission/payout, cookie life, incentives,    locking period
• Creatives
• Program policies (TOS)
• Program bio, email templates
• Launch and announcement


• 5 pillars of affiliate program management
• Recruitment: basics, tools
• Activation: ideas
• Policing: tools
• Communication: importance, frequency
• Optimization (via competitive intelligence,   replicating own successes, co-branded   pages, etc.)
• Continuous self-education

Geno Prussakov is an indisputable expert in affiliate marketing. During the time of his management of our affiliate program we sucessfully implemented his ideas, and the success extended to our Forbes advertising clients including Experian, Microsoft, Facebook, and others. I strongly and confidently recommend him.
— Mike Smith, President,
Geno is an excellent public speaker. He knows how to keep an audience engaged by delivering the right mixture of performance marketing insights, smart business rationals and valuable tips on how to increase your profits.
— Dorin Boerescu, CEO, 2Parale

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